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100 Greatest Moments in Irish History

Charting the course of Irish history in 100 moments, this is a perfect introduction for children of all ages.

€13.00 Ex Tax: €13.00

A Bit Lost

Irish author and illustrator Chris Haughton uses vibrant colours and simple tales to captivate and inspire his young audience.

€8.50 Ex Tax: €8.50

A Dublin Fairy Tale

This vibrant storybook takes us on an adventure across Dublin City, encountering magical creatures and characters along the way.

€13.00 Ex Tax: €13.00

A Year in Art: The Activity Book

A unique and engaging way to introduce your child to art, this book includes an art activity for every day of the year!

€21.20 Ex Tax: €21.20

Ababú, a Ghúgaí! (Oh No, George!)

An Irish language edition of the best seller Oh No, George! by Irish author and illustrator Chris Haughton.

€8.25 Ex Tax: €8.25

Animation Studio

Create your own stop motion videos with this complete set, including, a fold out stage, press out props and a 32 page handbook.

€18.50 Ex Tax: €15.04

Ar Strae Beagán (A Bit Lost)

An Irish language edition of the best seller A Bit Lost by Irish author and illustrator Chris Haughton.

€8.25 Ex Tax: €8.25

Architecture: Create Your Own City

Fun and informative, this book teaches children about architecture through a range of activities and includes 200+ stickers.

€8.25 Ex Tax: €8.25

Billy Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Encouraging imaginative play, this magnetic, wooden dress up doll is includes a variety of uniforms and outfits.

€16.95 Ex Tax: €13.78

Camille and the Sunflowers

The story of a young boy who meets Vincent van Gogh when the artist arrives in his town to paint.

€8.25 Ex Tax: €8.25

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Picture Frame

Design and decorate a picture frame to display a favourite photo or drawing. A perfect activity for parties or rainy days!

€9.95 Ex Tax: €8.09

Degas and the Little Dancer

The story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a dancer and her encounter with Edgar Degas.

€8.25 Ex Tax: €8.25

Everybody's Activity Book

Hours of creative fun with this bumper activity book featuring, activities, stickers and tips!

€17.60 Ex Tax: €17.60

Everyday Words: Irish Flashcards

An excellent way to improve your Irish vocabulary, these 50 cards are bright and durable.

€9.95 Ex Tax: €9.95

Favourite Irish Legends

A collection of the most famous Irish myths and legends, simply retold and beautifully illustrated.

€10.00 Ex Tax: €10.00